Reformer Pilates

       Reformer Pilates is a machine based class. It is the crown jewel in the Pilates repertoire and a favourite of Hollywood stars and celebrities.  Compared to a mat class , the Reformer offers some distinct advantages due to its spring resistance and machine based set up. The Reformer will correct imbalances, tone your muscles, strengthen your core and effectively burn fat all at the same time!

  The Reformer is suitable for people of all abilities and ages.  This includes clients with various injuries, especially lower back pain and postural issues.

   At the Pilates Atelier, our instructor Ivo Ducros, delivers exemplary Reformer classes in native English, suitable for foreigners who don’t speak Bulgarian.

              *Classes are group – (4 max) or Private Classe – both By Appointment Only.

* During  the class  is better to wear grip socks to prevent your feet from sliding !



  • Lengthen Your Spine
  • Increase Core Strength
  • Get Long Lean Muscles
  • Improve Joint Mobility
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Full Body Workout
  • Does Wonders for Your Posture
  • High Intensity, Low Impact
  • Extra Activity for Athletes, Golfers, Dancers
  • A Great Addition to Your Weight Loss Regime
  • Provides a Safe Option for Everyone – From Teenager to Elderly Person
  • Transforms the Way Your Body Looks, Feels and Performs !