Dear clients, please familiarise yourselves with our terms and conditions

  1. Informed consent and terms and conditions

Please attend our classes only if you are in good health.  Pilates Atelier does not assume responsibility for clients with pre-existing health conditions or those that have not been stated or made clear or sustained injuries during training in the studio or in the area of the studio or for those in an intoxicated state.

Please place your belongings in the designated areas, clothing and shoes next to the entry door but valuables should be left with reception or placed in the changing room lockers.  Pilates Atelier does not carry any responsibility for items being lost or stolen.

The studio operates security cameras in the following areas:  reception, matt hall and the reformer hall.  There are no security cameras in the changing rooms.  During group classes you may be photographed or recorded with the purpose of social media advertising this being done without invading your privacy or using your personal details.  If you do not wish to be filmed or photographed please let us know before the beginning of the class.

You have to reserve your sport before the class.  Please use our app, website or calls us.

The studio operates a no shoe policy. Please do not enter the studio with your shoes on.  During classes socks are to be worn or clean trainers should that be required.

Please do not disturb the class and leave your telephones in your lockers.  If you need to use the phone do so without interrupting the class.

Payment for the class is due beforehand .

The client is obliged to: 

Look after and not damage the studio and any property belonging to the studio.

To dispose of rubbish in the designated bins.

To leave the locker doors closed before leaving

Please check if you have left something behind before leaving the studio.