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About Us

Pilates Atelier is a premium mat and reformer studio where clients can experience a stylish and modern interior, excellent instruction with the best of equipment provided by Balanced Body.  Our classes are designed to suit all ages and abilities.

We emphasise a safe, flexible and personalised approach which leads to a strong, balanced, graceful and long body shape.

The studio uses the Balanced Body Allegro Reformer, a machine created by Joseph Pilates which enhances the effectiveness of the classical exercises via a a combination of a platform, a spring and pulley system. 

Exercises are performed in a precise, controlled and flowing manner correcting muscle imbalances, strengthening the core muscles, improving posture,  preventing lower back and spinal injuries.

Have you heard of the Pilates method but don’t know where to begin?  Come and give us a try.  We aim to give you the best of the method as we believe that practising Pilates will improve your quality of life.

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